BODYMATTERS - The Bowen Technique (Bowen Therapy)
BODYMATTERS - The Bowen Technique (Bowen Therapy) 

History of Bowen

DEVELOPED in Australia by Tom Bowen (1916-1982).  It is reported that as a child Tom was athletic, a keen interest in animals and wanted to become a doctor, but with a lack of funds for medical school after the worldwide depression,Tom joined the manual workforce.  Tom's wife, Jessie, suffered very badly from asthmatic attacks and often had to be hospitalised.  So Tom worked out some special soft tissue 'moves', found special medicine and dietary advice which Jessie adhered to and with Tom working on her when she had an attack, Jessie never had to be hospitalised again.  


After years of clinical work and much reading and study of other modalities, Tom developed a unique set of specific moves associated with different sequences and timing intervals.  His main focus being on relieving human suffering.  The moves provided fascial release while stimulating a variety of anatomical or physiological responses frequently resulting in long term and often immediate resolution of the majority of presenting problems and pain conditions.  At his peak, it is reported that Tom was seeing approx 250 patients each week with great success and once the word spread, people were coming from all over Australia to be treated by Tom.


Oswald Rentsch was a massage therapist when he first met Tom Bowen in Adelaide at a December 1973 conference of naturopaths and natural therapists. Ossie took on the task of observing & documenting Bowen's work.


In 1979 Tom lost a leg to diabetes but returned to the clinic and continued to treat people from a wheelchair.  

After the amputation of Bowen's other leg, complications set in and shortly before Bowen's death a few weeks later, Ossie promised him that he would make Bowen's name known around the world.


Tom Bowen's innovative and unique technique has been adopted world wide and is now practised in more than 40 countries wordwide.


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