BODYMATTERS - The Bowen Technique (Bowen Therapy)
BODYMATTERS - The Bowen Technique (Bowen Therapy) 

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Here`s what people are saying about The Bowen Technique.

"I was recommended to look at Bowen after 5 or 6 months of an extremely stiff and painful neck, with rotation limited to about 90degrees – hopeless for golf, tricky for driving/motorcycling and quite debilitating overall. Other therapies and approaches were helping but hadn’t resolved the problem.

At my first Bowen consultation Catherine also immediately spotted my long-term ‘list to starboard’, with one foot turning out and one shoulder markedly lower than the other. Over the course of a few treatment sessions I not only regained 95% pain-free, 180degree rotation of my neck but also significant straightening and levelling improvement in my pelvis and shoulders – and all delivered in THE most gentle and wonderfully relaxing manner. Turns out that Bowen helps with many other conditions and symptoms too. To me now Bowen feels like the best-kept secret out there for easily improving and maintaining wellbeing. Thank you Catherine!"

Stephen from Dunmow

"Walking around as a severe Celiac with Dairy Allergy and Rhinitis that coincided with going through an absolutely heinous menopause and with long standing (20 years now) prolapsed discs has been my life for the last eight years, after being a super fit, athletic and do or die type - despairing ill health and the lack of any support from your local GP - so I have had to look to other forms of help - Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Sports Massage and so on and as a result of being more enlightened these days, I achieved great relief and improvement from Reflexology, which then led my journey on to Bowen. After my first recent treatment, a HALLELUJAH moment!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you Catherine, I am both impressed and surprised by the immediate benefits and results from just one treatment and look forward to seeing how we progress, but now at least safe in the knowledge that I will. I look forward to this journey and to the hope that I will one day soon, start to feel like my old self!!!!!"

Fiona from Thaxted

"My name is Richard. I am a 43 year old carpenter who also likes his sports. Running, cycling and winter sports take their toll so regular Bowen sessions definitely help with the aches and pains. On December 13th, 2015 I broke my elbow while snowboarding and spent four days in hospital and under went surgery to put it back together. From the accident to the operation I never needed any pain killers which both I and the hospital staff were surprised by. After the operation I was told that I would need twelve weeks recovery before returning to work so I  immediately contacted Catherine, my Bowen therapist. I had weekly sessions and returned to work on week eight , four weeks before time. There is no doubt in my mind that Bowen has aided my recovery and would recommend it to anybody looking for pain relief and more freedom of movement. Check it out, it works!!"

Richard from Dunmow

“I read about Bowen therapy whilst reading about fibromyalgia and found Catherine as being near to my area. I had been in lots of pain from a frozen shoulder, which had a cortisone injection that didn’t help and could hardly move my arm. With a little rolling movement on my arm I could raise it higher with each little touch she did. There’s no pain or force, it was very gentle and a couple sessions later, I could move freely. I had had a few sessions with an osteopath who relaxed the muscle in my back, but not freed my shoulder. It’s amazing and a lovely calm relaxing room. Catherine goes over the whole body to make sure deferred pain is addressed and rebalanced the whole of me. I found out my pelvis was uneven and she softened my jaw muscle as I had been clenching my teeth at night, which I didn’t tell her she just finds hidden things and puts you right. My fibromyalgia pain is under control and I feel so blessed to have found Bowen therapy. Honestly, if you have chronic pain that never goes away, give it a try.”

Lorraine from near Bishop's Stortford

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