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I have over 20 years experience in complimentary therapy and I'm passionate about healing with a natural approach. 


I'm delighted that so many of my patients benefit from my range of services and lots of them say very nice things about me. A selection of comments are below. 

"I was recommended to look at Bowen after 5 or 6 months of an extremely stiff and painful neck, with rotation limited to about 90degrees – hopeless for golf, tricky for driving/motorcycling and quite debilitating overall. Other therapies and approaches were helping but hadn’t resolved the problem.

At my first Bowen consultation Catherine also immediately spotted my long-term ‘list to starboard’, with one foot turning out and one shoulder markedly lower than the other. Over the course of a few treatment sessions I not only regained 95% pain-free, 180degree rotation of my neck but also significant straightening and levelling improvement in my pelvis and shoulders – and all delivered in THE most gentle and wonderfully relaxing manner. Turns out that Bowen helps with many other conditions and symptoms too. To me now Bowen feels like the best-kept secret out there for easily improving and maintaining wellbeing. Thank you Catherine!"


Stephen from Dunmow

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